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Animal Flow

Certifications | Class | Learning 

If you're a movement enthusiast or want to level up as a fitpro, You can begin your journey here. Join us TO become a L1 or L2 Animal Flow Certified instructor / teacher by joining our workshops or simply drop in for a class TO EXPERIENCE ANIMAL FLOW.

L1 Certification 

Our Animal Flow workshops are targeted toward fitness professionals who want to learn how to incorporate Animal Flow into their own teaching, training, and coaching practices. This includes personal trainers, group fitness instructors, physical education teachers, coaches, yoga instructors, MMA trainers, and even physical therapists.

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Level 1 workshop

Level 2 work shop

coming soon to Dubai


Master Instructor 

Parveez Mohamed 

Animal Flow Master Instructor 

Dubai & Middle East Region

Join us for group classes or One to One personalized session

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