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Our Taekwondo teaching

Whether you’re a current student of WTTU or visiting us for the first time, this section can provide helpful information for you. Take a look below and check back often for the latest updates.

Teaching by Grand Master Kang

Self defence

Self Defence is an integral part of Taekwondo.  Moo Duk Taekwondo follows a more traditional form of self-defence focusing on military style exercises that are both realistic and useful for modern day scenarios.  At Moo Duk Taekwondo we believe that the more one practices basic movements and  counterattacks, the more likely you are to be able to effectively defend yourself if the need arises



“Kyorugi” is the practice of sparring.  In Taekwondo Kyorugi is based on respect and honour between taekwondo practitioners. Today’s sparring is based on a points scoring system as seen in the Olympic Taekwondo event.  At Moo Duk Taekwondo we also teach an older style of Kyorugi which allows the student to undergo sparring in a more realistic combat environment of full contact with limited body protection.  This form of sparring is usually only taught to red belts and higher. 

Learn pomsaes by Grand Master Kang

Poomsae (Pattern Forms)

Poomsae is the true traditional form of Taekwondo practice.  Its comprised of a set of patterns of defending and counterattacking. The poomsae has been practiced since the ancient times in order to train military personnel in the art of hand to hand combat.  We at Moo Duk Taekwondo say one must practice a poomsae form between 2-3,000 times in order to understand the form and effectively develop muscle memory, so that the practitioner can react without thinking.  Poomsae is an important part of belt testing.


Traditional Taekwondo (Keungi)

Modern day Taekwondo has in many cases lost its traditional roots on which the martial art was built. Grand Master Kang Shinchul is preserving the fundamentals of the martial art through the World Taekwondo Taedoo Union (WTTU).  Grand Master Kang Shinchul has over the years created the Keungi.  The Keungi is an accumulation of the techniques and study of Grand Master Kang Shinchul.  It teaches the basic movements, techniques and theory required to build a strong foundation in Taekwondo and excel in both body and mind.  

Taekwondo fitness

TaekwonFit (Olympic standard programmes)

At Moo Duk Taekwondo we take fitness training very seriously.  We employ a lot of Olympic standard training exercises and develop new training techniques that will help with building cardio and stamina.  At Moo Duk Taekwondo we pride ourselves on utilising Korean standard training regimes



Discipline is essential to becoming a true martial artist.  At Moo Duk Taekwondo we teach discipline as a fundamental of one’s practice that becomes a part of everyday life.  When a Taekwondo practitioner understands the importance of discipline, they can overcome any challenge or obstacle in and outside of the Dojang. Through our mind and body training, both adults and children can learn new levels of patience which in turn helps create discipline.

Taekwondo tenets


Taekwondo helps build confidence.  At Moo Duk Taekwondo we work a lot on building confidence for both adults and children.  Through hard training of both the body and mind, a Taekwondo practitioner will naturally become more confident in themselves, their abilities and feel healthier and happier.  We have specific training programmes that help practitioners slowly move out of their comfort zones.  This in turn helps the practitioner become more confident in themselves and trying new things.  At Moo Duk Taekwondo we are one family and the atmosphere and environment helps instill a sense of safety which gives the practitioner the confidence to try new things and overcome anxiety.

Jump back kick


The current trend in today’s society is extremely fast paced, leaving little time to think about living a healthy lifestyle.  At Moo Duk Taekwondo we can assure our students that you will get the most out of your training to help build a healthier lifestyle and confidence in yourself and body.  Taekwondo is a very physical martial art and gives the practitioner a full body workout. This helps install confidence and gives the practitioner more energy, strength, cardio and mental aptitude through the practice of Taekwondo.  

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